Kanade Amakusa
NouCome - OP 00.23
Name Amakusa Kanade
Japanese Name 甘草 奏
Age 17
Birthday May 2nd
Class Class 2-1
Race Human
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Three Size
Affiliation Reject 5

Kanade Amakusa (甘草 奏 Amakusa Kanade?) is a student of Class 2-1 at Seikou Academy. His life is at the mercy of his “Absolute Choice ” which forces him to choose one of the options that appears in his mind. He has good looks, but his personality and behavior issues earned him the foul label as a member of the “Reject 5”, a group of outcasts.


Kanade is a fairly tall, slender man, with long, shaggy black hair with a tint of purple and, as stated by Furano, he has pale skin. He is also considered as handsome by a lot of girls in some of the episodes.


Kanade is known in his school for being a perverted weirdo. Thus, despite being attractive, no one wishes to date him, giving him a place in the "Reject 5". The entire school has delusions of him being a masochist or sadist, and because of Absolute Choice, these situations worsen. He was considered popular in middle school, by him and his "little sister", though this has changed because of Absolute Choice.

Though, Kanade is a caring and loving person, who does not wish to trouble anyone, regardless of the trouble he would have to face. However, this does not preclude him from having a large collection of pornography on his computer.




  • Part of his surname, "Ama" (? lit. Sweet), refers to his "bitter" (甘くない amakunai?) days.