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Name Chocolat
Age 17
Class Class 2-1
Race Angel
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Three Size N/A
Affiliation Helpers

A self-proclaimed girl who came to Kanade in order to break his “Absolute Choice” curse. However, she's lost her memories and isn't much help at all. After she got her memory she became a hard working person, she was also serious about everything. Unfortunately for her, and fortunately for Kanade, she lost her memories again when a tin cookie box hit her head.  She confesses to Kanade that she loves him in episode 10.


Chocolat is a fairly petite young girl, standing at the approximate female height, with pale blonde hair (with an ahoge) and bright blue eyes. Her style of clothing is very Lolita-esque, as her default outfit consists of a dark, red-colored, ruffled dress with a brown corset, as well as detached sleeves and a choker bow-tie around her neck. She also occasionally dons a small top hat. She will also wear the typical school uniform at times.


Sweet, bubbly and energetic, Chocolat is a rather upbeat and carefree person, if not quite odd much of the time. Due to her mission, she is very loyal to Kanade and is later revealed to have feelings for him; this demonstrates that she is nearly always willing to help those in need, as she promises to guide Kanade in relieving himself from Absolute Choice. While exceedingly friendly and open-minded, she can be a tad naive, but nonetheless never without a smile on her face.

Chocolat also adores sweets, particularly chocolate; hence her name.

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